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Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful

Apr 17, 2019

In Episode 27 Ryan reminds us not only of the power behind making a decision but in the importance of making those same decisions consistently. Make a choice to decide your purpose, then Decide to decide the same thing tomorrow.

Mar 22, 2019

We often ask a lot of our kids, and don't always show up in a way that matches our expectations of them. In this weeks short and simple audioblog Ryan points out the opportunity that we all of have to be who we want our kids to be.

Mar 5, 2019

When we think about things, we are in a sense pointing at them on a quantum level. Are you aware at what you're pointing at every day? If you could step outside yourself and see what you were constantly pointing at what would you change? What are you pointing at?

Nov 14, 2018

How would your life be different if you treated your life's purpose and greatest desires as your only job in life? What would your day to day routine be like? In episode 24 Ryan reminds us of exactly what our job is.... To get what whatever we want!

Oct 25, 2018

Winter is coming! In Episode 23, Ryan muses about the value of persistence in action and compares some of life's struggles to shoveling your driveway after a snow storm. It can be beautiful, but heavy. But it always gets easier as you go.